Easy Diy Bottle Cap Emoji Magnets

Today on the blog I am going to share a fun and easy project. Easy diy bottle cap Emoji magnets. They are quick and so easy, and a fun way to use up some of those bottle caps that you have been collecting! The longest part is waiting for the glue to dry.

What you will need:
– Bottle caps
– Round magnets
– Clear gorilla glue
– Yellow spray paint
– Black paint marker
– Small craft eyes

First, you will need to gather the bottle caps up, then give them a coat of yellow spray paint.

Once dry flip over and glue a round magnet on the inside of each bottle cap.

Next flip back over and glue the eyes in place.

All that’s left is to draw a smile with a paint marker on your bottle cap emoji magnets.

I told you these bottle cap emoji magnets were easy and super cute. Stick them on the refrigerator, file cabinet, or locker. Anything that’s metal.

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